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Traffic Infractions
At Kleyner Law Offices, we defend most of the traffic tickets, including speeding, negligent driving and all other moving violations. In over 95% of our ticket cases we have been successful in keeping moving violations off driving records, regardless of the facts of the case.
Tickets are usually issued by a city police officer, a deputy sheriff, or a Washington State Patrol trooper. Tickets issued by a city policeman are usually handled in that particular city's municipal court. All others are usually set in one of the district courts in the particular county.
Your legal matter is as individualized as you are and we provide effective advice and representation that reflects your unique goals.
We highly recommend that you always treat law enforcement officers with respect, even when they are wrong. Besides simple courtesy, be aware that an officer has a great deal of discretion when your case finally ends up in court. The officers usually make notes about certain drivers who have "attitudes." You are always better off if the officer does not make any special notes about you on his copy of the ticket. The best place to present your case is in court, not  on  the  street.  The  best  way  to  present your case is
through us, not by yourself. Perhaps you have heard the old adage that a person who represents himself has a fool for a client. Do not let your personal feelings get in the way of a successful resolution of your case.
It is best to hire us as your ticket attorney soon after the ticket is issued as is possible. This will allow the maximum time to reset the case and tends to keep costs down. It also will eliminate the possibility inadvertent mistakes on your part.

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