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Evictions: Landlord/Tenant
Kleyner Law Offices has a wealth of experience with the Eviction process and has helped many Washington State landlords with their eviction and tenant problems.
If a tenant will not leave the premises after an eviction notice has been issued, the landlord must go to court and file an unlawful detainer lawsuit. An unlawful detainer lawsuit is a speedy action and will determine whether the tenant is required to vacate the premises.
In Washington, Unlawful Detainer actions are covered by Chapter 59 of the Revised Code of Washington. Residential leases specifically covered by Washington's Residential Landlord-Tenant Act. Additional city codes and ordinances may also apply.
No one wants to see an eviction happen. However, in certain cases there are no other alternatives. Evictions can be complicated and if not handled properly, illegal. Kleyner Law Offices will help you identify the law that applies to your unique  circumstance. Our attorney will review your situation and advise you on the appropriate procedures according the Washington State Eviction Law.
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