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Criminal Defense / DUI DUI Page
Kleyner Law Offices, PLLC is a top rated law firm, dedicated to helping you. We understand that good people can make a mistake, and treat you like one of our own family. Our staff has years of expertise in assisting clients facing criminal charges. Our firm handles a wide variety of criminal misdemeanor cases, including Assault, Theft, Reckless Driving, and DUI.
If you've been arrested for DUI or have a pending criminal matter, you probably have a variety of emotions and worries about your case. You may be ashamed, even a little scared about what is going to happen, and you want information, fast, as there are things you need to do immediately.
We work together with a number of trained and experienced Seattle Area DUI Lawyers. Our criminal defense work is recognized and rated as being among the best in Washington.
If you have questions regarding DUI, read the important information on our DUI page. Our DUI page also includes important information about your license and driving privileges.

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